Mobdro is really an app that you should concern and use. It not only gives you the rich and diverse experience but it is also very useful and convenient


Download Mobdro to your phone

Mobdro is very convenient and wonderful application software that Mediatech Inc. provides Android users as well as iOS.

Essentially, Mobdro is application software that allows the users to search for free online videos, webs as well as the latest promotion services around the world like a television. You can enjoy this from your smartphone or laptop and share what you are watching with friends and relatives without fee.


With continuous update, Mobdro searches constantly for free online videos free and offers them to your device. Therefore, you will be always updated with the latest news such as sports, tourism, football … to the most popular dramas, tournaments you care about most, even cooking program.

In addition, Mobdro also offers the users many new and unique features as follows:

- Discovery: You can easily find the videos around the world, across all topics with all languages. In addition to providing the TV show and movie channels, Mobdro also offers the users traditional TV channels as well as sport events, world news …

- Sharing: This is an interesting feature of Mobdro. With Mobdro, you absolutely can bookmark a favorite video and share it with your family and friends. In addition, with online Mobdro premium, you can also select and download the desired clips. Mobdro is really a huge database to store thousands of videos. Because it has continued searching for any useful video from the Internet and stored in its database.

-Bookmark : Organize your videos and filter them by topic or language with the support of your view history.

Mobdro has pretty simple, intuitive and convenient interface. It is arranged very neatly and logically for the users to discover and experience the application in full.

How to download Mobdro to phone

Because Mobdro is not an official application, if you want to download Mobdro to your phone and use it, the users are required to have access right of the third party. However, do not worry, because Mobdro download is not different so much from conventional application download.

To download Mobdro, you need:

For Android operating system: access Google Play app store, search “Mobdro”. Now, the screen interface displays the application you want to download. Click “Install” to download and install the application for your phone.

For iOS: You need to search for Mobdro and download APK file from a secure source. You will wait a few minutes for your phone to install itself. After the installation is complete, open Mobdro app and start using.


Mobdro is really an app that you should concern and use. It not only gives you the rich and diverse experience but it is also very useful and convenient.

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